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Course Introduction

Monday, January 27, 2020
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM


Session agenda:


Profs. Austin & Perri will preview the syllabus and deliverables for PM102, and go over logistics related to project budgets and reimbursement.


We'll ask each team to provide a brief (3-4 minute) update on your plans and your progress over winter break.


Session Assignment & Prep

  • By 10am Monday, 1/27, post the most current version of your PRD in the Jan 287- Course Intro tab on the new, PM102 Assignment Master.

  • Also by 10am Monday, 1/27, please write and post on the same tab a one-pager with a brief, 2-3 paragraphs, on any progress you made on your product over J-term. Include testing, hiring/dev work, and any insights gained through these activities - especially if new information has shifted your product plans in any way. [New students: A google doc with "commenting on" for the instructor is the required format for this type of assignment]

  • Prepare for one of your teammates to give a 3-4 minute update on your project in the 1/27 session. Include a brief intro on what your product does and for whom (unmet need for which persona(s)), work completed over J-term, and current status of your development process.


Each team should bring 1-2 questions for the instructor and/or your classmates on next steps for hiring, contracts, budgets or development work for your project.

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