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This course is being update for the 2021-2022 school year to include a hybrid case/ project approach based on feedback from previous students. Check back for more updates soon!

This course is organized into weekly themes building upon the foundations of great Product Management and Product Leadership. We will utilize three approaches to learning—traditional case-based classes, talks by product leaders, and hands-on projects.

The first class of the week will consist of cases. The required readings will examine the success and failure stories of existing products and product companies. Many class sessions will use the “live case” format in which students will actively engage with the case protagonist in the analysis and proposed solution to the issues presented in the case.

The second class of the week will focus on application of the principles learned that week. This will be a mix of lecture and practice, with students working on a well defined product challenge.

In previous years, students would work on their own startups, with founder and joiner groups. This year, we will be focusing on individual work and class projects that relate to existing products in the market. There will be an opportunity for students who successfully complete PM101 to gain hands-on experience building products in PM102.

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