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Customer Research


Monday, September 18
3:30 PM to 5:30 PM
Hawes 203

Guest Instructor: Ken Norton  Google Ventures Partner and Product Manager


Required Reading

  1. Ten Things I've Learned by Cindy Alvarez

Recommended Reading

  1. Improve Your Startup's Surveys and Get Even Better Data by Elizabeth Farrell-Nunge

  2. A Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Landing Page Test to Validate Your Concept by Aymeric Guarat-Apelli

  3. How to Listen to Customers  by Ken Norton



After our Sep 11 session, your teams should now be converging on personas and questions to ask prospective users. As a team, use this Google Slides template to create a presentation that includes:

  1. A vision statement for your app;

  2. A description of one primary persona for your product;

  3. Your hypotheses regarding that persona's unmet needs;

  4. A summary of evidence you have collected to date (if any) to formulate and validate these hypotheses;

  5. A summary of additional research you will conduct to address the hypotheses; and

  6. The top three questions you would ask an interviewee who matched your persona profile, to understand their unmet needs.


This exercise will further align your team and remove obstacles for your next step which is actual user interviews. These interviews should start in the next week! Putting together these slides will also prepare you for tapping Ken's expertise next week.

Do not use more than one slide for each item. In an appendix section, include any backup material you may wish to present on your research design (e.g., interview guide, survey questions) and data you have collected (e.g., interview notes, survey results).

For us to provide feedback, PLEASE use Google Slides rather than creating a Powerpoint or PDF file. Please give Julia and Keith commenting privileges and link to your presentation to the Course Assignment Master in the Sep 18 - Research tab by 5 pm on Sunday, September 17.

Session Prep

We will select 2 teams to present their slides for real-time feedback in class on September 18 - 15 minutes each. Plan to use half of your time for presenting and half for getting feedback. Teams selected to present will be notified by 10:00am the morning of September 18. Julia and Keith will provide feedback to ALL teams within each presentation by September 22.

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