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Final Reflections

Course Wrap-up
3:30-5:00 PM

We'll debrief on what you learned during the semester and say heartfelt (virtual) goodbyes after a semester or two together!

Both the final session and final demo assignments follow:

Session Assignment:

BY 5PM ON FRIDAY APRIL 10, each individual student (NOT each project team) should submit on the "April 10 - Reflections" tab in the Assignment Master a Google Doc with an 800-word essay -- about eight paragraphs -- addressing the following topics:

  • How and why our product evolved. Three paragraphs or so should describe: 1) changes that your team has made to your product's strategy this semester, 2) why you made these changes, and 3) what you've learned from designing your product about the attributes of great products.

  • Assessment of development process. Three paragraphs or so should describe what your believe your team did well this semester in terms of managing the product development process (with respect to hiring developers, managing developers, prioritizing features, testing, iterating, etc.); process management mistakes you made; thoughts about what you might have done differently; and lessons learned from the process.

  • Personal/professional reflections. Two paragraphs or so should share what you have learned this semester about: 1) the role of the product manager or product-focused founder; and/or 2) your personal fit with those roles.

  • To maximize learning and to conform with academic standards for proper attribution, please complete your essay BEFORE you read a teammates’. Then, you are welcome to append your essay with a paragraph or so in response to their ideas. Please add these comments to your essay using brackets and a bolded "Appendix".

  • Please do not include the above prompts in your essay.

  • Finally, please put a “Y” or “N” in the noted assignment master column if you are open or not to sharing your reflection on the public website. Prof. Austin will select 2-3 reflections to post on the PM102 website for future rising EC students to read as part of their course selection and registration process.

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