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Hiring Developers

Monday Nov 20, 2017 3:30-5:30

Hawes 203

Required Reading

  1. A Primer on Hiring for Startups  - Julia Austin

  2. How to Find a Good Freelance Developer  - Mark Liu

  3. 5 Non-Technical Questions to Ask When Hiring a Development Firm  - Nick Kishfy

  4. Guide to Finding a Technical Co-Founder - Vin Vacanti (we also recommend the other posts in Vin's 4-part series on this topic)


Recommended Reading

  1. Scroll down Prof. Eisenmann's reading list on startup recruiting  to a section with lots of good posts on recruiting engineers (including several posts listed here)

  2. How to Hire Developer Unicorns - Ben Slater

  3. How to Hire a Programmer - Derek Silvers (overlaps with the Liu post above, but offers some new advice)

  4. The Anatomy of the Perfect Technical Interview Neil Roseman

  5. Should Tech Startups Outsource Product Development? - Vivek Wadhwa

  6. The Technical Co-Founder Search - Michael Woloszynowicz (see also Mariam Naficy's post on her co-founder search at

  7. A Tech Founder's Guide to Finding a Non-Tech Founder - Jessica Alter (see also Elizabeth Yin's post on factors that are important to potential tech co-founders)



  1. As a team: Whether you are starting your own company or working as a PM, you will likely be involved with the developer hiring process. Write a developer Job Description for your project and submit on the Assignment Master by 5pm Sunday, November 19 on the Hiring Devs tab. (Note that if you continue on with us in PM102, you will get the chance to hire a developer for your PM101 Project).

  2. As the hiring managers for your PM101 project, review these four candidate profiles and explore their GitHub repos (if applicable) to get familiar with their work:

  3. As individuals: It's time to diverge and converge again! Select one candidate from the above list whom you would choose to interview for your PM101 project and be prepared to discuss why in our session. DO NOT SHARE WHICH CANDIDATE YOU CHOSE WITH YOUR TEAMMATES. Fill out this FORM with your choice and three (3) questions you’d ask the candidate. Please also keep these questions to yourself and bring them with you to class on Monday.

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