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Journey Maps & Storyboarding

Week of October 1, 2018
Monday, 3:30-5:00 PM - Hawes 203
Wednesday, 3:30-5:00 PM - Chao 340 <-- Note room change!

Guests: Celia McQueen, Senior Product Designer at DigitalOcean & Josh Porter, Co-Founder & Partner at Rocket Insights


IMPORTANT: There is prep work for teams before Wednesday’s lab! We suggest scheduling team time if possible before Wednesday’s lab.


Required Reading

  1. (diagram) The Elements of User Experience  by Jesse James Garrett

  2. (article) When and How to Create Customer Journey Maps by Kate Kaplan

  3. (article) Journey Mapping Powers Better Design Thinking by Jay Melone

  4. (article) The UX Design Success Ladder. Achieving Meaningful Product Design by Ward Andrews

  5. (article) Five Essential Components of Successful Customer Journey Maps by Phil Goddard, Ph.D. and Kathleen Hoski


Recommended Reading

Minor Deliverable: Journey Maps & Storyboards (see below)

Major Deliverable: MRD, October 19

Oct 1 SESSION PREP (<60 min).

Journeys & Stories Warm-up: Now that we have refined your target personas and thought about how to test hypotheses about them, we need to zoom out a bit and think about their current journeys and how these may change once they have your application at their disposal. For class on Monday, please complete all required reading and bring questions regarding the MRD. The Pineapple MRD is shared only as an example of how you will bring the CRP forward into this document.

Sep 26 LAB PREP (1-2 hours).

  1. We will select 2 teams to present the storyboards we develop in the lab (see below) for real-time feedback in the lab on October 3. Each team will get 15 minutes. Plan to use half of your time for presenting and half for getting feedback. Teams selected to present will be notified by 10:00am the morning of October 3.

  2. As a team:

    1. Before Wednesday, decide what specific journey you will focus on for your target persona. E.g., if it is a two-sided market, agree on one side to focus on first OR if it’s a transactional product, choose a particular part of the transaction that’s likely most common for your target persona (e.g, for Venmo, it may be requesting money vs. paying someone)

    2. Using this template on the tool Mural collaborate as a team on the Journey map for your target persona. Only one of your team members will need to create a new Mural from the template, and then invite the rest of your teammates to collaborate with you on it.

    3. We will be using this map to do a storyboard divergence and convergence exercise IN LAB next week!


By 5:00PM Friday, October 5, post in the Assignment Master on the tab “Oct 5 - Maps” of

  1. A link to your team’s journey map from Mural or hand drawn/other medium

  2. A link to the final 8-Box storyboard of the first solution you plan to build for your product; the first draft of which we’ll do in lab on Wednesday (don’t worry, we expect this to evolve after more testing!). It is OK if this is photos of hand drawn sketches or a link to any of the tools noted below.

  3. OPTIONAL: Repeat the steps above for other use cases that you might imagine for your app. Consider stakeholders beyond your primary persona as you explore other use cases.

  4. OPTIONAL: Using Pinterest or another tool of your choice, make a moodboard - a collage of images - that convey the emotional cues you’d like a visual designer to consider in creating the visual branding for your app.

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