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Personas & Product Vision

Week of September 10, 2018
Monday, 3:30-5:00 PM - Hawes 203
Wednesday, 3:30-5:00 PM - Batten Hall (Hives) 207

Required Readings

  1. How Many Customers Should You Interview? by Customer Development Labs

  2. Know Your Customers’ “Jobs To Be Done” by Clayton Christensen et. al., HBR

  3. Design Personas vs. Marketing Personas by Stephanie Owens

  4. Product Vision by Joel on Software


Recommended Reading

  1. Terrific books on how to conduct early customer research:

Major Deliverable: Due Friday, 5pm, September 14: First Draft of Customer Research plan.

Sep 10 SESSION PREP (<60 min)

  • Persona Warm-up: Choose a product you love - ANY product (digital or otherwise) and using this , consider the design persona the PM/Founder for that product had in mind. Include the research you think they may have done about that target persona. By 10am on Monday, September 10, post a link to the G-doc with this persona outline in the Assignment Master tab labeled “Sep 10 - Personas”. Be prepared to discuss in class.

  • Review our outline for an MRD. Bring to class any questions you have about its topic areas.

  • Read this vision statement and hypotheses about unmet customer needs developed in PM101 in 2017 for the Trellis project team; Steve Osipow, Libby Spalding & Divya Agarwal. Consider how the Trellis team could test these hypotheses BEFORE they build any software. Be prepared to discuss in class.


For our lab on Wednesday, September 12, each student should prepare the following:

  • Using the persona template, 1-2 primary personas for your product.

  • Please complete this exercise individually, not as a team. If your team has already met to discuss target customer segments and interview questions, it's fine to build on that work.

  • Bring a printed copy of your persona to the lab, or be prepared to display your work to classmates on a laptop/tablet.

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