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PM Careers

Wednesday, November 14, 2018
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM 
Chao 340 ← Note special location


  • Dan Belcher, Serial Entrepreneur (StackDriver & Mabl), former Sr. PM at GOOG

  • Rebecca Greene, HBS ‘13, Chief Product Officer, Handy (recently acquired by Angi Homeservices)

  • Keith Hopper, Founder & CEO of Danger Fort Labs, former Product Director at NPR

  • Maggie Crowley, HBS ‘14, Director of Product, Drift; former PM at BevSpot

Mock Interviewers/Resume Critics:

This session will focus primarily on preparing and interviewing for the role of the PM. It will be broken into two parts:

Part One: 30-40 minute panel of PM leaders from very different companies/career paths to talk about what they look for in candidates, how they interview, etc. This will benefit both the PM job seeker and entrepreneurs who may be building teams some day.


Part Two: A series of 2-3 mock interviews and/or resume critiques per student with experienced founders/product people in the room (including our guest panelists). Each interview will be 15 minutes and then you will rotate to the next interviewer. Experts will review your resumes in advance.

All PM101 students are expected to attend Part One. Part Two is optional for those actively in job search mode - regardless of whether it’s a PM role. Getting feedback on your resume/interview tips will be helpful!

Minor Deliverable For those participating in Part Two: By 5pm Monday, November 12, post a link to your resume on the Nov 14 - Resumes tab in the Assignment Master. Please also “X” whether you wish to use time with in-class experts to get feedback on your resume, practice interviewing or both! Depending on the number of students participating, we will do 2-3 15-minute rounds with each student-expert pair.


Heads up: For planning out team time for the remainder of the semester, there will be two more deliverables outside of PRD work:

  • Technology & Hiring plan - one pager of your technical strategy & one job description for your future engineer, designer, etc.(11/23)

  • End of Semester Reflection (11/30)

PRDs will be due on the last day of Final Exams, December 14.

More details on each of the above will be provided in Canvas in the next week.

Session Prep:

There is nothing you need to prepare for the session itself unless you are participating in part two in which case, please have copies of your resumes with you and complete the readings below. You may also want to familiarize yourselves with the companies of our guests as they are all hiring!

Required Reading:

  1. (re-read) What Does It Take To Be A Great Product Manager - Julia Austin

  2. An Intro to PM Interviewing  - Ellen Chisa

  3. Landing an Entry Level PM/APM Role and Do Product Managers Really Need a Background in CS? - Jackie Bavaro

Recommended: Cracking the PM Interview (book) and app - Gayle McDowell & Jackie Bavaro

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