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PRD Best Practices

Monday, October 21, 2019
3:30 PM to 5:00 PM 

NOTE: Wednesday, Oct 16 Lab is OPTIONAL - Julia will be in lab if teams plan to be there to work on PM101 deliverables. Please have one team member per team respond to this poll by 10/14 to let us know how your team plans to use that time. 

NO LAB October 23 (CPD Day)

Required Reading

  1. Run Route Finder PRD

  2. Your MVP is Minimal, But Is It Viable? By Alex Iskold

  3. Escaping the Build Trap - To be completed by 10/28!


Recommended Reading

  1. How to write a painless Product Requirements Document by Jerry Cao

  2. Designing with Scenarios: Putting Personas To Work by Jared Spool


Minor Deliverables: By 5pm on Friday, October 25

  • Lo-Fi Testing: Post links in the “Oct 25 - LF1” tab of the Assignment Master to your first round of Lo-Fi test “proofs” and key learnings . There are two columns to post links:

  1. Link to a doc with pictures, video and any other artifacts worth sharing. 

  2. Link to a Google Doc of your team’s top 3 key learnings from your Lo-Fi test(s) and how these learnings will inform a) your solution ideas and b) your next round of tests. 

  3. Please remember to turn commenting ON for Julia & Christina!

  • MRD Peer Reviews: Each student will be assigned to another team’s MRD for qualitative feedback. Every team will get an equal number of reviewers per team (e.g., a four person team will have four reviewers). See below for specifics on Peer Reviews.


Session Prep:

  1. Review the Run Route Finder team’s PRD example posted under "Required Reading" above. Bring to class any questions you have about the PRD. 

  2. Be prepared to discuss your three key learnings from your first round of Lo-Fi tests. Three teams will be asked to present their findings (and pics/videos) with the class. Selected teams will be notified by 10:00am on Monday, October 21.

For those of you planning ahead, the October 28 session will focus on usability testing of your wireframes. If you have not started already, please get familiar with, Figma, Balsamiq and/or Invision and begin sketching out wireframes of your product. Focus on the key use scenarios you expect your target persona to use in your MVP. You will be bringing your wireframes to the Oct 30 Lab for live testing!


Peer review assignments will be in the Assignment Master, on the Oct 18 - MRD tab, no later than Oct 21. Please do not leave your reviews to the last minute! Earlier feedback helps you and your colleagues fine tune plans for work going forward.

MRD Peer Review Tips:

  • Provide constructive feedback on plans, insights and whether ideas resonate based on your understanding of the project and target persona(s).

  • If others have already provided feedback on the MRD you have been assigned before you've had a chance, be additive either on their comments or constructive on areas yet addressed. "Agree" or grammar edits do not count as constructive comments.

  • Probe or make suggestions on areas that you feel have more to be explored or are not clear to you. Remember, what is clear to the author may not be as obvious to the objective reviewer.

  • It is not necessary to comment on everything in the MRD, but we expect a minimum of six comments by each reviewer.

  • Teams: Please remember that all MRDs should be in Google Docs with commenting ON for reviewers (plus Julia and Christina). Also please do NOT resolve any comments once read - reviewers and instructors should be able to see all comments.

Happy reviewing!

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