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Product Evolution

Monday, November 27, 2017
Hawes 203



There is no homework assignment due prior to class - just some light reading!  Enjoy your holiday break!!

Required Reading

  1. List of Product Evolution Issues 


Recommended Reading

  1. Guide to Product Planning: Three Feature Buckets - Adam Nash

  2. Lessons Learned from Scaling a Product Team - Paul Adams

  3. The Product Death Cycle - Andrew Chen

  4. Everyone Starts with Simplicity; No One Ends There (And That's Okay) - Steven Sinofsky


Session Prep
Next week, we will hear about the product evolution of two very different early stage tech companies. Each company has pivoted and taken different paths through MVPs and lots and lots of discovery work. In preparation for their visits, please get familiar with their very unique markets:

  • Zoe will discuss the evolution of ZappRX and how customer discovery and market feedback informed their product today. Please read at least ONE of the following pieces to get up to speed on the ZappRX specialty pharmacy market.

  • Alex, Brett and Jeff will discuss the evolution of SyncOnSet and how they went from a dorm room idea to a completely new, and award winning solution for Television and Film set teams. This blog post will give you a basic understanding of their user personas.

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