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Personas & Product Vision


The Art of No-Tech Testing



Talking With Customers


Journey Maps & Storyboarding


Software Development Methods

PRD Best Practices


User Testing 


Wireframe Critiques


PM Careers


Technology Decisions: P1, Basics


Technology Decisions: P2, Hiring



Working With Developers

  • Recommended Reading

If you want to delve deeper into how developers think and work, these are good choices.​

  • BOOKS:

    • Frederick Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month is a timeless classic on software project management by the "father of the IBM 360" -- one of history's riskiest and most successful tech product development efforts

    • Paul Glen, Leading Geeks, discusses how developers think, what motivates them, and how to manage them

  • BLOGS:



User Testing

Launch Planning


Product Roadmapping

  • Recommended Reading

    • 20 Product Prioritization Techniques, by Daniel Zacarias. Skim this long post (also available as a free PDF ebook) which describes and categorizes a set of techniques for prioritizing product features.

    • Estimating, by Mitch Lacey. Comprehensive description of different methods for software project cost estimation.

    • Before You Plan Your Product Roadmap, by Des Traynor. How/why to conduct a feature audit that shows the fraction of users who use each feature and their frequency of use.

    • Pandora’s Product Prioritization System, interview with Pandora CTO Tom Conrad describes an approach in which proposed features are assigned a price and planners get a budget to spend on them.

    • The Alternative to Roadmaps, by Marty Cagan. Makes the case for OKRs instead of roadmapping.


How To Demo Products


The One Metric That Matters

Melissa Perri, Senior Lecturer

Harvard Business School

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