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PM101 + 102 Readings




Personas & Product Vision


The Art of No-Tech Testing



Talking With Customers


Journey Maps & Storyboarding


Software Development Methods

PRD Best Practices


User Testing 


Wireframe Critiques


PM Careers


Technology Decisions: P1, Basics


Technology Decisions: P2, Hiring



Working With Developers

  • Recommended Reading

If you want to delve deeper into how developers think and work, these are good choices.​

  • BOOKS:

    • Frederick Brooks, The Mythical Man-Month is a timeless classic on software project management by the "father of the IBM 360" -- one of history's riskiest and most successful tech product development efforts

    • Paul Glen, Leading Geeks, discusses how developers think, what motivates them, and how to manage them

  • BLOGS:



User Testing

Launch Planning


Product Roadmapping

  • Recommended Reading

    • 20 Product Prioritization Techniques, by Daniel Zacarias. Skim this long post (also available as a free PDF ebook) which describes and categorizes a set of techniques for prioritizing product features.

    • Estimating, by Mitch Lacey. Comprehensive description of different methods for software project cost estimation.

    • Before You Plan Your Product Roadmap, by Des Traynor. How/why to conduct a feature audit that shows the fraction of users who use each feature and their frequency of use.

    • Pandora’s Product Prioritization System, interview with Pandora CTO Tom Conrad describes an approach in which proposed features are assigned a price and planners get a budget to spend on them.

    • The Alternative to Roadmaps, by Marty Cagan. Makes the case for OKRs instead of roadmapping.


How To Demo Products


The One Metric That Matters

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