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Software Development Methods



Monday, October 16, 2017
3:30 - 5:30 PM 
Hawes 203

Guest instructor: Sam Clemens , Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of InsightSquared 

Required Reading

  1. PRD Template 

  2. Furnish PRD 

  3. Software Development Methodologies (an overview), John Sonmez


Recommended Reading/Watching

  1. This 7-minute video on Scrum7-minute video 

  2. Intro to Modern Agile - by Joshua Kerievsky

  3. Integrating Agile and UX Design - by Jonathan Follett (O’Reilly)

  4. 20 Product Prioritization Techniques - by Daniel Zacarias

  5. The following books provide an overview of software development methods:

  • Extreme Programming Explained, Kent Beck -- reviews the principles and practices of XP, an agile variant

  • Agile Product Management with Scrum, Roman Pichler -- another overview of agile principles and practices, this one written from the product owner's perspective and centered around the Scrum method

  • User Story Mapping, Jeff Patton -- integrates agile development into a product development process that includes customer discovery and MVP testing. The book's core ideas are captured in this presentation 



  1. Your Lo-Fi tests should be in full swing! Please update your test plans based on feedback from Julia & Keith. By Sunday October 15, at 5pm, please post to the Oct 15 Lo-Fi2 tab in the Assignment Master:

    • Links to pics/videos of your Lo-Fi tests in action

    • Link to a Google Doc of your team’s top 3 key learnings from your Lo-Fi test(s)

  2. Team MRD's are also due by 5:00pm, Sunday. Oct. 15 in the Assignment Master in the Oct 15 - MRD tab. Peer review assignments will be given on October 17. MRD Peer Reviews will be due by 5:00pm on Sunday, October 29.


Session Prep:

  1. Review the PRD template and the PRD posted under "Required Reading" above. Bring to class any questions you have about the PRD.

  2. Be prepared to discuss your three key learnings from your Lo-Fi tests. 2-3 teams will be asked to present their findings (and pics/videos) with the class. Selected teams will be notified by 10:00am on Monday, October 16.


NOTE: For those of you planning ahead, the October 30 session will focus on usability testing of your wireframes. If you have not started already, please get familiar with Balsamiq/Invision and begin sketching out wireframes of your product. Focus on the key path scenarios you expect your target Persona to use in your MVP. You will be bringing your wireframes to the Oct 30 session for live testing!

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