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Talking With Customers

Talking with Customers
Week of September 23, 2019
Monday, 3:30-5:00 PM
Wednesday, 3:30-5:00 PM

Guest: Mariah Hay, Head of Practices @Pluralsight

Required Reading

  1. Chapter Three (Principles of Contextual Inquiry) of Contextual Design: Design for Life Second Edition by Karen Holtzblatt, Hugh Beyer

  2. Chapter Six (Universal Tools: Recruiting and Interviewing) of Observing the User Experience: A Practitioner’s Guide to User Research
    Second Edition, by Elizabeth Goodman, Mike Kuniavsky, & Andrea Moed
    You can find this on Hollis eBook ISBN: 9780123848703

  3. Complete: The Mom Test  - Rob Fitzpatrick

  4. The Pineapple team’s Customer Research Plan (see below)


Recommended Reading


Major Deliverable: Due Friday, 5pm, September 27: Final Draft of Customer Research plan. Include top questions (see below)!


Post a link to the Assignment Master tab “Sep 27 - CR2” with your team’s final Customer Research Plan.


  1. Talking with Customers Warm-up: It is not just the questions we ask our prospective customers, but how we ask them! This week we’ll explore how to properly talk with customers to get to the answers you need as part of your product research. For class on Monday, please complete all required reading. For the  the Pineapple Customer Research Plan from PM101 ‘17, pay specific attention to slide 7:  top questions to ask their target persona, Oscar. Consider how the team when about prioritizing the top questions. Be prepared to discuss in class.

  2. We will select 3 teams to get feedback on their almost-FINAL customer research plan in class; each team can decide the ONE thing they want feedback on. Each team will get 5 minutes. Teams selected to present will be notified by 10:00am the morning of September 23. Julia and Christina will provide feedback to ALL teams within each FINAL presentation by October 4. 



  1. As Individuals: 

    • [DIVERGE] By now you have narrowed the primary persona for your application and you are developing your research strategy to include both Lo-Fi tests and interviews. Please consider the top three questions, with the EXACT wording that you'd use, that you'd pose to an interviewee who matches your persona type.

    • If your team has already met to discuss target personas and interview questions, it's fine to build on that work.

    • Bring a printed copy of your questions to Lab, or be prepared to display your work to a classmate on a laptop/tablet [CONVERGE].

  2. We will select 4 teams to get feedback on their Top Questions for their customer research plan for real-time feedback in the lab on September 26. Each team will get 5 minutes. Teams selected to present will be notified by 10:00am the morning of September 26. 

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