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User Testing

Monday, March 5, 2018


Hawes 203



Janelle Estes,



No product can be tested too often! Last session, we focused specifically on the onboarding process to think about longtime stickiness of your products. Now, let’s zoom out a bit and think more broadly about testing other assumptions and theories about use of your application. We will be doing LIVE testing in class using testers from


Before next week, your team should discuss what type of test you want to do with an audience via Consider one of the following possible scenarios:

  1. Online prototype of your app or some part of it - Invision or g-doc OK ( not supported)

  2. Alternative / competitive site you want to learn from

  3. Questions for which you want objective feedback.


By Monday, March 5 at 10:00am:

  1. Post a brief test plan (g-doc preferred) to the Assignment Master in the March 5 - User Testing tab. 1-2 paragraphs citing the type of test you will do, including desired learnings.

  2. One team member must complete this questionnaire per team for to ensure there are testers at the ready for your live test.

  3. At least one team member per team must register for Access codes to use the app will be provided in our class session.


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